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As we prepare to present our spring concert, pills Brave & Beautiful, recipe we thought we would introduce you to some of our chorus members! This week, we’re proud to feature new member Tom White, who joined VOICES of Kentuckiana in January 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.08.05 PMTom began singing in choir after he was asked to sing with his grandmother’s choir in 1999. “I had a wonderful time,” says Tom, “so much so that I soon joined my grade school’s youth choir.” After sixth grade, Tom spent some time away from choruses. “As an undergraduate at Morehead State University, I elected to take three semesters of University Chorus.” After college, Tom began his career teaching music at a grade school, but soon realized he missed singing in choir. “I figured that singing in a choir would also help me be able to teach music better.”

That’s when Tom met Greg Sopko. “Greg invited me to see the winter concert, ‘A Sassy, Brassy, Bourbon Christmas,’ and I had a great time watching, listening, and enjoying the music.” Following the winter concert, Tom decided he wanted to go to a vocal placement session with Jeff, and was soon added to VOICES of Kentuckiana as a baritone.

“I’d love to become a better musician and teacher through singing in VOICES,” shares Tom. “Even though I’ve only been in VOICES for three months, I’ve already learned so much in diction, breathing, and overall tonal quality. I hope to use these tactics in my own classes.” Tom’s also very excited to be singing in our spring concert, “Brave & Beautiful,” and travel to Denver this summer for GALA Festival.

“It’s wonderful to be part of such a nurturing environment,” says Tom. “My favorite part of being involved with VOK is the camaraderie. I’m really happiest when I’m in a community of people that nurtures, encourages, and expresses its love of music, and helps me express myself even more.”

We are so thrilled that Tom has joined VOICES of Kentuckiana, and we look forward to many seasons singing with him in the future.

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